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Key Features

  • Position and sensor information in real-time
  • Speed, idling, acceleration and braking events
  • Support for custom geozones and landmarks
  • Odometer calculation
  • Engine hours calculation
  • Main battery voltage sensing of the vehicle

Communication Methodologies

  • Two-way communication via GSM network
  • Over-the-air Programming - Remote update of system firmware

Device Attributes

  • Support commands to device via GPRS
  • Mobile phone Google map
  • Send GPRS data to IP or DNS
  • Mileage calculation
  • 4Mb/32Mb Flash Memory
  • Fuel/oil level detection
  • Listen-in function
  • OTA: upgrade the firmware via GPRS
  • Temperature sensors, Cameras, RFID Readers (optional)


SIMCOM GSM module and Sirf-starIII GPS Chipset

Atmel MCU: ATmega128

Track by Application /by Portable Devices

Over-speed alarm, Low power alarm, in / out of Geo-fence alarm

SOS alarm

Tremble alarm; network change alarm

Exterior power on/off alarm, pincode feature to protect the simcard

Configure the devices via GPRS or sms or serial port

Sleep mode

Heartbeat feature

Roaming feature to save cost for gps trackers

Control or detect the car doors/engine on/off

Cut off the engine power gradually and safely in need.


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